God, Politics, and natural Consequences

Men and women are free to choose liberty and eternal life, through the great Mediator of all, or to choose captivity and death.

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 keeping God in politics where he belongs

Can we choose a consequence?  The conventional wisdom of many in our society says, yes, we can.  The common belief is that we can choose to live our lives any way we want and the result will be happiness.  Therefore, we now have a political system composed of a lot of people who, as Paul once said, want to be "a law unto themselves" rather than governing their lives and communities by God's laws (Romans 2:14).


But is this belief true?  Can any choice we want to make about how we live our lives make us happy?


Someone once said, "If belief is to have real power in our lives, it must be combined with that which actually is true and then properly acted upon."[1]  It is the contention of this website that this statement is true.  This is due to the fact that moral beliefs, which lead to moral actions, bring absolute moral consequences--natural consequences--that cannot be altered by anyone. Period.


This is what "Choose True Liberty" is all about.  Throughout the weeks, months, and years to come this website will explore what true liberty really is and why it is imperative that we as a society choose true liberty because it is only this choice that will make us happy as individuals, families, communities, and nations.


[1] Ron Strobelt, Speech given on November 5, 2013